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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: 2R5 Sway bar

    1949 2r5. Anybody put a front sway bar on your front axle? If so please tell us.. I can not find one.. They make them for other makes but not us.. Thanks
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    No help with your search, just an observation. During 47-55 Chevy and GMC installed anti-sway bars under the front of panel trucks and suburbans, but not pickup trucks. Lots of folks have wondered why. And like you lots of guys want to or have installed anti-sway bars in their pickups. Why did the factory engineers determine panels and burbs needed them and pickups didn’t?
    What are your goals or expectations for your 2R5?


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      Thanks. i have tried springs ect. On other builds, I have done.. Can get it so stiff it was no fun to drive with springs.. SO this Stude is back to stock.. She has a lot of lean... We do a lot of travel on 128 CA.. it's curvy from 15 to 55. mph .. I need a little less body roll. A bit more directional stability at hwy speed.. plus with a small trailer also sometimes.. The expectation is stock ride height.. She looks 100%.. see photo.. small HP small block v8, with over drive trans.. she loves 65-70 at 2000 rpms.. We use her as our truck weekly.. Power steering added on the stock steering column with stock steering wheel.. .. you can see the power steering box in this underhood photo. All she needs is some bars..
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        FWIW, I installed a front anti-roll bar from an International; probably not easy to find these days.

        Anyway, making one's own front bar is not really that difficult. Measure the Stude frame width, spend some time in a U-Pik yard with a tape measure and there'll be one of a similar width. Get the bar with all the brackets and links; new bushings are usually a good investment. Drill some holes and bolt it on.

        The real weakness in the Stude system are the leaf spring bushings. Much of your problem is caused by the cheap soft rubber, new ones are junk and will pound out quickly when driven hard. I had new front main leaves made with larger diameter eyes and real bushings with a steel inner sleeve.

        For the rear spring eye bushings, since mine is a 3/4-ton, I used sleeved bushings from a Saab, of all things.

        Another improvement which really helps with trailer towing is adding another pair of shocks on the rear axle, positioned vertically

        jack vines


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          Nice Jack, Thanks.. Did the bushings with new springs.. The bushing I got are much stiffer Teflon impregnated a vendor sold.. Big difference for sure. I used to fab our own bars... But I am long retired and older now.. Was hoping for a kit like is made for the other brands.. Found links I can use, just need that bar.. Will certainly remember your dual rear shocks.. Most excellent! Thanks again.


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            Ray Fichthorn was working on a Champ many years ago that he installed front and rear bars. You might google that idea.
            Ron Dame
            '63 Champ


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              bump for any new info.. Thanks