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  • Body / Glass: Hood Springs

    I was always of the belief that the hood springs were to assist with lifting the hood. I have a 54 Champion sedan and prior to installing the hood springs the hood was relatively easy to raise and lower. I was concerned that installing the springs would render the hood too easy to raise, however after installing the springs the hood was at least twice as heavy to raise. The springs do not assist with the raising they only actuate the hinges to move the hood forward away from the firewall and return when lowering. In the 53 shop manual they show an additional spring that attaches to a hole in the spring assembly then to the inner fender via a clasp with eyelet in it. However the 54 does not have the clasp but has the hole in the spring. Is the clasp available for a 54 and is this spring designed to assist with lifting the hood?

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    The springs are designed to hold the rear of the hood down when it is closed, and make it snuggle up better to the cowl. They have nothing to do with making the hood lighter/easier to raise.

    The types/brands of cars that have springs to hold the hood open have much stronger, heavier, and more rigid hoods with no prop rods.

    Two different design philosophies, each with its own advantages and shortcomings.
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