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700R transmission conversion

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    Originally posted by JoeHall View Post
    Bensherb I like your setup, but did you lose much ground clearance with the center of the support? Looks like it dips pretty low. Thanks
    The cross member is a bit lower than the original, so technically yes I lost a bit of ground clearance. I made the crossmember before installing the flex plate and torque converter, so it's location was a "questimation". It's lower than it needs to be, I could move it up at least an inch. It hasn't been an issue at all, and does add a bit of protection for the trans pan, as it will hit ground first.

    Every time I leave my neighborhood I have to go over three "speed humps" (they're speed bumps about 4 feet wide) If I hit them too fast the crossmember will bottom on them as the front wheels drop off and I straddle them; but it saves the trans pan and exhaust. If I go over them as one should it's no problem though. The low point of the exhaust where it goes around the trans and under the "wing" is at the same point as the bottom of the crossmember. It is 2 1/4" pipe though not the tiny stock pipe. I built the cross member with the original exhaust in place, that's why the right and left of it are different, but the new trans is wider so both pipes had to go under the "wing", and the trans is in the way for the right pipe to go into the cutout in it anyway.
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      I bought a rebuilt performance 2004R for my Packard-powered '58 Stude pickup from Gearstar. I am still a ways off of installing it but when I talked to Gearstar they were very positive in using it for my application -

      I know they still sell these and you do not need a core.
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        I installed a 700R, out of a GM van with about 70,000 miles on it. I resealed it before install and, so far, it has not been a minute's trouble in about 30,000 miles. I have heard many prefer a 2004R, but I see nothing wrong with the 700R.

        Previously, I had a bad experience with a rebuilt TH400 that I installed in a 56J. The rebuilder took it upon himself to install a shift kit, without asking me, and it shifted way too harsh, till I found an OEM valve body to reinstall. So, in searching for a 700R, I wanted a bone stock one that had not been rebuilt, as most rebuilders tend to install shift kits. The bone stock version shifts the way I prefer, nice and smooth.


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          My 4L60 was a rebuilt I bought from Hot Rod transmissions in Fresno Ca. But it was stock built with a Corvette servo , so stock for a Corvette. I used a converter with a 200rpm higher stall speed so it isn't fighting you when stopped in gear. I also installed a slightly heavier 2nd gear accumulator spring, to clean up the mushy 2nd gear shift.