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    Ok, I'll contact Phil. Thank you!


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      Originally posted by shifter4 View Post
      Here is an in car video of my car running the R2+ cam . seems really similar to that Isky cam shown above .
      Coolest part was your hands being so relaxed on the wheel.
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        Note -
        The 4-7 lobe swap that the original poster asks about should not change the "sound" of the engine. This changes the firing order !
        - 18436572 is normal firing order.
        - 18736542 is the 4-7 lobe swap firing order.

        If a lumper idle/low speed sound is what some of you are wanting, then yeah, as has been said, the R2 Plus cam should provide a little more radical sound than a more standard Stude cam. Low speed performance will suffer though. If you have 3.73 gears, you may not notice it too badly.

        Lowering the ignition timing will also add a rougher sounding engine..! But the power will go to hell.



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          Here is the custom Racer Brown Camshaft I am using in my 308 CID Jack V motor:

          Racer Brown ES-22 for Bill Ozzard

          Advertised duration @ .018” 252

          Duration @ .050” 222

          IVO 5 BTC

          IVC 37 ABC

          EVO 45 BBC

          EVC -3 ATC

          Valve lift .456”

          LCA 110

          IC 106 – EC 114

          Hot Lash – Intake .006”- .012 Exhaust .008” - .014”

          Spring pressure – Seat 110-125, Open 280-300

          These spring pressures and .050" specs indicate a pretty intense ramp, so it's maybe going to be a bit more noisy than the older profiles.

          I'll post my results once running.