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DG250 Borg Warner Auto Tranmission no reverse or top gear

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: DG250 Borg Warner Auto Tranmission no reverse or top gear

    Hi, I am new to the site and was looking for some advice. I have a Jaguar Mk2 3.4 with a Borg Warner DG250 auto gearbox, which I believe is the same autobox as in the Studebakers. I am in the process of a slow restoration while still driving the car. The automatic worked fine until it made a clonk clonk noise and refused to go into top gear. On removing the oil pan I discovered the governor weights that move the shuttle valve had come apart and in doing so had slightly bent the shuttle valve and presumably in doing so also moved the shuttle valve body. I’ve repaired/replaced the damaged components by removing the rear box. Since rebuilding it goes forward when I select reverse and in L and D it will only drive in low gear. I understand the importance of the location of the shuttle valve body. Does anyone know the exact location (i.e. measurement) of the shuttle valve body. Any other advice to fix this would also be appreciated. Cheers Russ

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    Welcome to the SDC Forum! I do not have a direct answer, but it sounds like you need the separate Studebaker Shop Manual that covers these DG transmissions. In the past, I have repaired Jaguar DG transmissions with Studebaker parts (cheaper and easier to get).
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      I'm not sure we are talking about the same parts. What manual are you using? The first pic is the reverse shuttle valve in our manual. It is not adjustable. Are you sure it is installed correctly? Could the governor shaft in the second pic be what you are looking for? There is an adjustment shown there. All valves and shafts have to move smoothly. It would be very hard to get a bent part to be made serviceable again.
      Click on these pics to enlarge. The scans aren't real good. I just took them quickly with a wand.

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