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Help snapped brake adjusting bolt

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  • Brakes: Help snapped brake adjusting bolt

    I may or may not have snapped the adjusting bolt for the brake shoes on my ‘47 commander was wondering if anyone knew how I could remove it

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    It's a continuously rotating thing. How would it have snapped? Was it rusted tight?
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      Front or rear?
      Just trying to figure...did it snap while tightening the shoes against the drums, or...?
      Either way, I can't imagine getting it out of there without removing the drum.
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        It’s the rear when pulling off the drum the shoe came with and snapped the bolt


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          got a picture? If it's like I think it is, i'd take a grinder to the back and take the head off.


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            There isn’t a clip I can take out and bang the rest of the bolt out is there?


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              Are these the eccentrics like on Avanti? If so, you should be able to tap it out as the nut part just locks it in position.
              Post a picture as Ronnie suggested.
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