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Detroit Gear Automatic rebuilding -- who does it

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Detroit Gear Automatic rebuilding -- who does it

    I have a friend who owns a 1954 Hudson with a Detroit Gear automatic transmission. He's got the manual and all the tools (they're mine on loan to him), but he's hesitant to tear into it. He also has a rebuild kit from FATSCO who doesn't rebuild them anymore. He's located in south central Pennsylvania and wants to know who a competent rebuilder is. He's willing to take it most anywhere there's a good automatic transmission rebuilder. Any recommendations?

    Alan Mende, Grantville, PA
    Kindest regards,

    Alan Mende
    Grantville, PA

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    Alan, Jerry Kurtz might know. I believe his '50 Commander Starlight has the Automatic Drive.
    Brad Johnson,
    SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
    Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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      It may be a bit far away, however Studebaker West (Carl & Herman Thoms, the Studebaker specialist service and parts suppliers, Redwood City, CA) I believe rebuild 1950 - '55 Detroit Gear auto drive units - Their contact info is listed in their T.W. ad and with the Co-Operators feature.


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        I would check with Witmer's in Ephrata first-if they don't they must know someone.
        Rob in PA.


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          Jerry Kurtz is no longer working on the transmissions/cars. I've just taken mine to a fellow near Shamokin, who's been working on transmissions since 1969, Waiting for him to get to it to see how it goes, so can't say yet. But he's a bit overwhelmed by his everyday work and some other issues. PM me for more info, if you'd like.


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            I'm not sure if Ross Miller Ross at Speedwell Garage does Detroit Gear transmissions or not. I know he does Ultramatics. Check with him, his forum name here is "Ross".
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