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  • Steering: Lark PS fluid.....

    I need to top off my Eaton PS pump. The car is original and the hoses are too. The pump is 1/2 way full and the system works fine. I can't see any real fluid leaks underneath, but would like to top off the reservoir. Is the preferred "top off" Dexron ? Is there a likely problem if the fluid in there is Ford or other ?? Is there a "all fluid" blend out there ?

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    I use Dexron. Others will have different opinions.
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      I use Dexron/Mercon, available at your neighborhood auto parts store.


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        Since 1967 I have used Ford type "F". No issues.


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          I'd like to highlight my need: I would like the best option to top off my system. I don't know the history outside of the car only had 2 owners and was well maintained. Still original hoses suggesting original fluid ? Will I run the risk of damaging the system if I mis-match the fluids ? I saw a semi-synthetic (Lucas) that says it can blend in with any PS fluid....


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            Most Fluids say they are compatible with other Brands and types, and Hydraulic Systems are not as sensitive as Automatic Transmissions and Engines, so likely no harm will come to any parts of your Bendix Power Steering System with an Eaton Pump, almost identical to the system Ford and AMC used.

            Your Hoses may be Original, but after this many years it is More than likely that the Pump, Control Valve and or the Ram have been apart and rebuilt or re-sealed.
            But assuming that EVERYTHING is original including the Fluid, it would be ATF Type "A", that is no longer safe to use and Rarely found.

            Since Ford used Type "F" to replace it, that is a Logical alternative to use, people here could argue all day about Dexron vs Type "F" and no one wins since they both work without issues.

            But here is My opinion for what it's worth; if this were my very original '59 to '63 Lark, I would simply disconnect the return Hose Clamp at the side of the Reservoir, remove the Hose and insert it into a Gallon Clear Juice bottle, slow idle the engine, while pouring your choice of Fluids into the Reservoir until you have used about 2 Quarts.

            This will Flush and clean the system, remove any moisture that has accumulated over70 years, plus the well used Fluid, and then you will have the peace of mind to KNOW what is in your system and keep several Quarts of that Brand and Type (Usually Valvoline) in the Garage and one in the Trunk, for adding if it ever needs any, which it should not.

            If you have a Flight-O-matic Transmission, the Type "F" or Dexron/Mercon will also be of use for it.
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