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Finally 61 Hawk Not Vapor Locking due to Heat

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  • Cool/Heat: Finally 61 Hawk Not Vapor Locking due to Heat

    I posted in another thread about my Vacuum Advance but I wanted to make a summary thread about running hot and vapor lock and finally I think I turned a corner. My 289 stock 61 Hawk would run down the interstate at 70 mph no problems, but get in traffic and quickly the temp rises to over 210 and a shutter and stalled and VAPOR LOCK. I found the Vacuum Advance was defective and replacing that helped somewhat, but the real help was this thread:https://forum.studebakerdriversclub....ll-overheating INSTALLED THE 16 INCH PUSHER FAN and finally I feel I can trust the car not to stall at a few traffic lights. The Ethanol Gas is boiling out at 210...the engine can handle it but the gas boils. Another approach is to block off the center crossover that heats the carb...but I didn't try that. So far I don't have too, but Dave Thibeault said that works on vapor lock. I understand WCD Garage in Northboro Mass can block the intake manifold as opposed to Dave saying block the head with some Aluminum stock...…..Good luck to all who have suffered these running hot vapor lock problems...hope this thread helps.
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    The link to the thread for the real help wouldn't work. The rest sound like good ideas. Happy to hear that you got it figured out.


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      tsenecal...thanks I corrected the original and posted here as well.


      Try this link


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        I fought vapor lock on my Lark with the 259. A combination of a Napa electric fuel pump back by the tank and jamming the heat riser open solved my problem.


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          how about some diesel fuel in the tank ?? Or wooden clothesline clips along the front gas line (behind the PS pump if there)


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            I had that problem with both my '55 President and my '61 Champ. I solved both by using heat wrap on the fuel lines under the hood and installing a flow through electric fuel pump operated by a toggle switch under the dash. On hot days I can turn the pump on if the engine begins to stumble due to excessive heat. I can also just turn it on on a hot day and not worry about it. I have not had a vapor lock on either vehicle since the adaptations.
            Ed Sallia
            Dundee, OR

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