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  • Fuel System: Supercharger whine

    My 57 Golden Hawk with the stock supercharger has a fairly loud whine at idle. I’ve listened to other supercharged Golden Hawks and I don’t recall the whine at idle. The whine hasn’t changed tone in several months but I’m concerned that something isn’t right. Any thoughts? Any information greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!

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    At what rpm is it idling?
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      Idle is at 575 Rpms


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        Possibly a bearing noise. Does it scream spooled up?



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          I believe it does scream when you rev it


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            Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about superchargers but I like them. I have heard that if it is a bearing noise that the symptoms you describe would would indicate that is the beginning of failure. I also have heard that supercharger failure can be very bad for the engine.

            Again, non knowing supercharger guy, I would disconnect the supercharger belt immediately and get the car to someone in the bay area that knows about superchargers.

            I remember Don Garlits talking about a supercharger failure that blew the top of the supercharger off one of his rails into the sky. No indication of failure before but he was making a pass and had to back off and blewy. Of course, a rail dragster is under quite a bit of different stress than a lower compression 1957 Golden Hawk 289.

            Bob Miles
            Hope this does help you


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              Carl and Herman at Studebakers West can diagnose it for you.
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                I just spoke to Carl at Studebakers West. Sounds like it's on its way out. They can look at it. Will be pricey. I'm going to disconnect the belt for now. Carl said its okay to drive it without the belt and the carb will just run a bit rich.


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                  Been trying to sell it, no bites yet. It seems like every week a new issue comes up. I have improved it though: Got the overdrive working, replaced the tailpipes, rebuilt the carb, new motor mounts, new driver's side window regulator and a few other minor things. Anyway, if anyone is interested I am ready to accept any reasonable offer!!



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                    Originally posted by Poppicat View Post
                    I believe it does scream when you rev it
                    It's the bearing race that the ball bearings run in. The races develop a weak spot on the center of the race which eventually becomes rough enough to make the noise. The SC will still work but it will whine like hell. Replace the race and the problem is solved. There's very few parts inside the unit and it isn't a hard job and can easily be done by the average car guy who does his own work.