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  • Ignition: Spark Plugs

    I'm looking for Spark Plugs for my 56 P-Hawk. The newest post here that I can find is from 2009 and the recommended plugs then are mostly not available now. The plugs that I have in it are not available. The local auto parts cross reference doesn't do much.
    Have any of you purchased plugs recently? I bought some 6 months ago for a Commander, but forget what they were and no longer have the car.

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    ? Bosch W8-AC’s? These, or cross references for them would be a start.


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      Autolite 437 is about the same reach and heat range as the Champion H14. An online cross reference shows over 50 plugs that match the W8-AC. I think that I would try a better parts store.


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        Thanks; could not remember that AutoLite number, even though AutoLites were the favorite of my late, great, “never Champions”, parts man!


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          Yes, my auto parts store cross references plugs that are not even close, so I don't trust that. Just called, AutoZone says Autolite 437 are no longer made.


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            Just found 437 at NAPA! 8 of them for 2.50 each. I was sad but now am happy!
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