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  • Cool/Heat: Rear Defroster

    Is there any way to add some type of rear defroster? I live in a foggy climate and my 56 P-Hawk is occasionally difficult to see out it's rear window.
    Stick on electric grid? Heated fans?
    I have attached a picture of a product that may be of interest to Studebaker owners.
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    Rear defoggers/defrosters were an accessory option on Studebakers, even much earlier than yours. They were a blower type that mounted in the rear package tray.
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      You can accomplish that with a stock defroster & it’s housing.
      Either just run wires for the blower, or snake some water lines into the trunk for heat.


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        There are thousands of 12 heater/defroster fans on line. I have never tried one, and they may not work well if you are still running the generator vs an alternator. You can check them out, they are just a small electric heating element with a fan that could mounted on the package tray.


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          Even better!


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            In the motorcycle world, there are several wipe on de-fogging chemicals available, for windshields and helmet face shields. I have tried several of them, and they work for days / weeks per application, and cause no harm to the plastic. Pretty sure at least some of them would also work on your rear windshield, and for sure would not hurt the glass.