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Golden Hawk Supercharger Idler Pulley

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  • Engine: Golden Hawk Supercharger Idler Pulley

    I have a '63 Lark which I am modifying as a backyard hot-rodder might have way-back-when (or maybe even now). I've had the car about 10 years and maybe 8 years ago, I bought VS-57 setup off ebay that was very nearly complete. Over the years I have been changing this and that (very slowly). I have put the original 4bbl manifold back on and put the original 4bbl carb top on a new Edelbrock 1405 carb with an R2-style carb bonnet.

    This year, I had the supercharger rebuilt by Myers and took my Lark down to my dad's where we have been doing a variety of work on it when we can. One of the things we found was the supercharger idler pulley was shot - it was bent and the bearing was floating in the pulley housing. We researched and found that we could replace the bearing and bolt the halves back together, but maybe a new pulley would be better. I searched and searched and new pulleys are impossible to find. One Studebaker dealer was having some made, but did not have any on hand, at the time. So I searched for the specs of the existing pulley. I found the specs for the pulley diameter to be 4.5" and I also found the specs for the bearing. So I searched for other sources for an idler pulley with those specs. No "exact" luck.

    However, I did find what might be a suitable CASO replacement. I found a 5" diameter wide belt pulley with the same bearing specs, including shaft diameter. It is a perfect fit on the bolt and it fits with the belt and the 1/4" increase in radius on the pulley and system isn't detectable. It is a Phoenix Mfg. 5 Inch Dia 17mm Bore Steel V-Groove Idler Pulley 35506067and is priced at under $30 shipped on Amazon and available from other sources. It is a replacement for Toro part number 1-603805. Here is a link to the manufacturer page:

    So far, it has worked just fine. Of course, I only have about 5 miles on the car since assembly. Here is a photo of the installation.


    1963 Lark Daytona HT - 63V J8 175
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    Great. Thank you for the tip. Keep up the good work.
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      Archived......Very nice, thanks
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