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Carburator, Cruiser 289 1964

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  • Carburator, Cruiser 289 1964

    Is there any good replacement for the Stromberg 2brl? I am all stock, would like as close to bolt on as possible. Car is a 1964 Cruiser with 289 eng. standard trans w/od.


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    The '57-'59 Chev. 283 Rochester 2 Brl. would fit, but I think most of those are more worn out than yours, and I don't know of any new ones.
    Anyway a GM Rochester was never anything to brag about!

    I would look for a better condition Stromberg WW 6-130 or 6-132 low choke Carb. like you have. The Throttle plate usually needs to be bushed with Brass to repair it, and not much else wears out, if the throttle LEVER is tight to the throttle shaft or can be welded, you are good to go! [^]

    Ask around your SDC Chapter for one.

    The other option is to buy a re-machined stock 2 brl. manifold from one of the many Club Members who make them, and a new Edelbrock AFB clone 4 brl. it will run better, perform better and if you drive it conservatively it will get as good or better mileage![^]

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner
    SDC Member Since 1967


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      I've heard that the Strombergs also warp. Just make sure the upper portion is straight. Any possibility of rebuilding your current carb?

      Tom - Mulberry, FL

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      Tom - Bradenton, FL

      1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
      1964 Studebaker Commander - 170 1V, 3-Speed w/OD


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        My current Stromberg is a WW132, leaks a little arount the base,warped. I have been told it is rebuildable but if I rebuild I still have the same core!. I would be happy to upgrade to the Edelblock, the car is a driver. Last year I put over 8k traveling to and from work. I am not a mechanic, so my next question is what do I ask for to upgrade or at least have the parts on hand.


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          Since yours is completely stock:
          1. Have yours or another Stromberg remanufactured and you'll be ready for another fifty years. It's the easiest, most cost-effective answer.
          2. Find a 4-bbl intake and a rebuilt original AFB. This was an OEM option.
          3. The first modification (i.e. an Edelbrock) is a step down a steep and slippery slope. There is always be an excuse to modify, but no real basic necessity to do so and never a stopping place. Millions of Studes ran millions of miles and dozens of years with the OEM parts. I've driven stock Studes for fifty years and I've also modified many Studes I've owned over these years and know both sides from first-hand expensive experience. If one wants to change, then do so with personal preference held high - just don't cite inescapable necessity.

          As always, your car, your money, your decision.

          thnx, jack vines



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            Another Stromberg will now be a topic. I want to thank the form for all the help.