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Paint Code needed for 1951 Stude truck

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  • garyash
    Your friend is only slightly dyslexic. The combination of Iroquois Blue body and Cherokee Red wheels with Tusk Ivory strips is listed as paint combination number P-2204. The Iroquois Blue itself was code N-0453, also listed as codes W-TR and 8179. It is NOT the same as 1953 Harbor Green.

    See for info on paint codes and serial numbers for Studebaker trucks.

    The old codes are nearly useless for mixing paint because paints are no longer made with the same pigments and binders. All your friend has to do is call DuPont at 1-800-338-7668 and give them the N-0453 number. They will give him a modern code for a paint in an acrylic enamel (Centari) or a base coat/clear coat formulation. The result will be very close to the original color. He can then buy the paint from any DuPont auto paint dealer. Probably PPG can provide the same service.

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  • grobb284
    started a topic Paint Code needed for 1951 Stude truck

    Paint Code needed for 1951 Stude truck

    A friend contacted me about a paint code problem. Can anyone please help him? Here is the context of his letter:

    His truck is a 51 with Iroquois Blue paint (I think he recalled the Stude code as 2024). He has found old paint books for cars, but this would fall under a commercial code. He thinks this could be the same as 1953 Harbor Green. He somehow located an old can of paint that had Iroquois Blue on the label, and a hand written 1953 Harbor Green also. He has been on the Studebaker Truck Forum and gotten no good help. He also said there is a truck at the museum that is supposed to be the same color, but when he followed that lead he found that the person that restored the truck just matched up something close to the correct color.

    So do any of you have any possible leads to find some old commercial paint code books?