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power steering reservoir nut & washer

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  • power steering reservoir nut & washer

    Regarding the PS reservoir cover on a '64 car, the shop manual says not to over tighten the wing nut, or else the washer will seal off the vent passage in the reservoir lid and cause noisy operation. I've also heard or read somewhere that a pressure build-up could result, causing the pump to leak. What I've always wondered about is this: With the steel flat washer in place, that little vent hole is covered up. And when you get a pump rebuild kit, you even get a rubber washer or two that go under the steel flat washer. Seems to me that in either case, you are effectively sealing off that little vent hole. So my question is .... what are we really supposed to do? I fear that without the rubber washer and too little torque on the wing nut, a leak may result. Or, the wing nut may work loose and maybe even fall off the stud. So, I presume I'm missing something in the interpretation of the manual. Or, is there more to the story, and I'm just missing out somewhere? Your input will be appreciated.


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    When the proper diameter flat washer and rubber gasket (washer) are properly installed and snugged down, the recess in the cover that the vent hole vents to is not completely covered, so it still vents.

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      There were parts in the rebuild kit I got that would have blocked the vent hole, sealing the lid where the stud goes through. I think they are for a Ford reservoir; which has a stack, and a vent hole in the small cap with the dip stick.
      On my Stude, I used a stainless steel fender washer, backed by a neophrene washer. If you get the right size, it allows you to tighten the lid with out blocking the vent.


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        Though the Chassis Parts Book calls it a plain washer, it sticks in my mind that flat washer is a special washer- quite a bit thicker than a hardware flat washer and it has a groove across one surface which when installed down allows the pump to vent.
        I can assure you that you don't want to tighten the cap down too tightly. Don't ask me about the white cloud I saw in my rear view mirror[:I]

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