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  • Ignition: dual point delco

    hi all ..

    im wondering , if most GM parts are interchangeable, is it possible to change early 60's single point delco to dual delco internals?

    i am currently running a window 1960- 61 Delco in my 1963 259 lark due to the Prestolite failing ;,, and just having picked up a dual point

    before anyone asks why would you bother, old speed equipment and tech around it is something that really interests me .. thanks
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    You would probably want the early Delco distributor, rather than the window type.
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      If the dual point distributor you picked up came from a Chevrolet engine, it has a shaft rotation that is opposite from a Studebaker engine due to the chain drive camshaft. The dual point breaker plate will fit but the vacuum will not work as the pivot pin for the advance is on the opposite side of the breaker plate in the Studebaker distributor. Bud


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        The distributor from Olds or Pontiac rotates the counter clockwise as Studebaker they did have some with dual points not sure but plates could be used to get dual points in older Delco


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          The breaker plate from an Olds or Pontiac should work if that is what you have. Bud


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            great !! thanks for you replies guys.. will keep you posted as i see whats what .. really intrigued by the possibility cheers Al