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Tire / wheel possibilities for 51 Landcruiser

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  • Wheels / Tires: Tire / wheel possibilities for 51 Landcruiser

    My 51 currently has 5-60/15 tubeless tires on the original wheels. Will 15x6.5 Ford wheels be too large for this car? If not, what size tires has anyone used with the wider wheel configuration? Thanks

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    Probably P215/75r15 would be the best radial match for overall looks as well as drivability.
    If you go Coker Tire there are many options available.


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      The Original Size was WAY larger than what you have, more like 6.70X15 or probably 710X15, of course Bias Ply were never Wide, just Tall.

      A 5, 5 1/2 or 6 Wide Wheel would be a better fit, but it is also about the backspace.
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        215-75-R15 is the same outer diameter as the 7.10-15 bias ply tires that originally came on your car. The radial tires are quite a bit wider than the original bias ply tires.

        That's why I always recommend 75 tires rather than 70 tires. 70 tires are even wider than 75 tires.

        Now there are radial tires that look like bias ply tires (tall and skinny). If they are not super expensive, that would be a good bet.
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          Rich and Roy are correct. The original tire size on the '51 Land Cruiser was 7.10-15.
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            I put Turner disc brakes on my '52 and so had to change wheels. I used 6 x 15, 3.75 backspace wheel from Summit, and 710R15 American Classic Bias Look Radial Whitewall tires. I've been very happy with the combo, have about 4000 miles on them. Steering is very nice, I assume due to the narrow contact patch of the tire, and they ride great. Not cheap, but sometimes you get what you pay for.
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              The reason the tire width/cross section and backspace are primary factors for stock suspension is illustrated here: the section width of the tire and the relation of this width and the upper A arms. The picture shows the inner side wall of a G78/15 tire, on stock a rim, removed from the front of a 1952. Note the rub mark on the side wall between the tread and the bead. The second picture shows the offending point of contact on the A arm. G78/15 have a section width of 8". The rub shown on the G78/15 occurred only while turning, not in straight driving. Hope this helps.


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                The only things connecting your precious Studebaker and you to the road are the tires and wheels.

                Keep it stock whenever possible in the interests of safety and appearance.

                This appears to be discussed every week on this and other classic fora. Someday someone will wreck their ride and possible injure others. Your braking, steering, handling are all precisely effected by the contact with the road. More is not necessarily better!


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                  Excellent example David (fatboylust), that shows clearly just One of the things that happen with wrong Backspace Wheels and or too Wide a Tire Size.

                  Although, that looks like a stock '52 Stude. 5 Inch Wheel, so the Tie Rod adjustment MAY be a little too far Left and not Centered.
                  OR, Could there be some Negative Camber Alignment caused by worn Inner Upper "A" Arm Bushings or Fast cornering involved?

                  In this case, we can't blame a set of P235/70R15 Radial Tires on 7 Inch Wheels for the problem.

                  A G78X15 was a 1970's Bias Ply replacement for a 710X15 usually Fiberglass or Polyglass Belted.
                  Rather Large, but not Huge.

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