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62 Hawk GT seat belts

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  • Interior: 62 Hawk GT seat belts
    Are 60" length, 1 7/8"" wide lap belts like the ones referenced correct fit for front and rear seats of 62 Hawk GT?

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    Most of us buy "Studebaker" Seat Belts that always fit, so it's hard to know what Seat Belts Plus belts are.

    Keep in mind that your Floor has Nutplates Factory Installed in the Floor in the Back Seat Area for the Front Belts as well as Rear Belts.

    I sure hope they know more about Seat belts than their Mounting Instruction Picture shows.
    They show the Belts clamping the guys LEGS DOWN to the Seat!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Wrong Seat BELT-DIAGRAM.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.7 KB ID:	1897290
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      I don't know for sure about the length, but there are several things to consider:
      (1) The length needed will depend on where the seat is positioned (which will depend on the driver's weight and leg length);
      (2) I notice that the seatbeltsplus belts have a simple connector on the floor (for a bolt through the floor). Your '62 Hawk has an eyelet connector on the floor. You wouldn't be able to connect these belts to the eyelet. You would have to bolt them directly to the floor.
      (3) Studebaker International (& other vendors perhaps, like Stephen Allen's in FL) have seat belts in two lengths. Those also fit the eyelet floor mount.
      (4) An appealing thing about the seatbeltsplus belts is the wide array of colors.
      (5) The seatbeltsplus belts would fit the rear of a Hawk since the rear belts on a Hawk mount with a simple bolt through the floor.



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        sent email to Jim at Studebaker Int. They have grey listed which would be good color to go with the interior of my GT. I have front belts in my car now, but want to use four new sets to match. I'll re-check floor mounts to see if they use the original mounts. Thanks for the responses.
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          I installed new grey belts from Studebaker Int'l in front and back on my metallic grey/grey GT when we needed to anchor car seats 11 years ago. They are color matched, work great and look original to the car.
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            Jim at Studes Int. says 62" are standard and the longer ones fit guys that like cake and beer too much. I'm going to get four sets from them.


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              If you get the longer ones you can drape them over the seat and they won't slide down into the seat crack and you won't have to dig them out or retrieve the from the rear seat floor.