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'63 Lark v8 a/c condenser

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  • Cool/Heat: '63 Lark v8 a/c condenser

    I posted the other day trying to figure out which compressor I needed for the wife's '63 Lark. Thank you again to those that helped me out. My question is does anyone know what size condenser is needed for the a/c. I'd measure the radiator but the car is 500 miles away in South Carolina right now. I'm trying to get all the parts together right now so that I can take care of the a/c on my next trip up. Thanks in advance everyone.

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    If you are lucky enough to still have the OEM copper tube condenser, it performs better than anything made by the aftermarket. Ignore all the market hype, that would have you believe the OEM is junk and that you must 'upgrade' to a Chinese version. The tube type will cool quicker, and at a lower temp than the aftermarkets. IIRC, your radiator is about 24" wide, and 18" tall. If you must install an aftermarket condenser, look for one about 18" wide and 14" tall. That will allow the radiator to breath a bit, and give room for hose routing, dryer mounting, etc. But, again, stick with the OEM if possible. You can use adapters to connect modern style AC hose connections to the OEM tapered type.


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      Yeah, I'd use the original if I had it. The a/c was missing the condenser and the drier. But after I posted my question this morning I came across a '64 Lark/Challenger for $500 that the wife MADE me buy (I'm not joking either, I of course wasn't going to argue, but no wasn't an option) that still has the entire factory a/c system still installed in the car. So, I can use that condenser as long as it's serviceable on the '63 since the '64 is going to be a husband and wife project anyhow. Again thank you for the input. I'll put up some pictures of the cars before too long to prove that I have them, because you know, pics or it didn't happen.