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  • Cool/Heat: Heater motor

    Where's the best place to buy a heater motor for a 63 Cruiser? I've got my old one out and it's froze up tight.

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    Stephen Allen indicates part #1561418 fits all '62-'66 sedans, @$100.
    The original part # was 1561260 for U.S. production and 1561261 for Canadian production.

    Years ago I replaced mine by taking careful measurements of the shaft length, diameter and direction of rotation, as well as the spacing of the mounting screws; then found one that matched through an industrial supply. Did the same thing for the defroster motor in my '53 when I converted it to 12-volts.
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      I got a motor from Studebaker International today. Looked to be NOS, had a 62 date on it. Fit and worked perfectly. Handy that I live close to them.


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        I went to my local auto parts store (the one with old guys that can find stuff) and we looked at the catalog, measured shafts and mounting dimensions until I found the two that worked (one defroster and one heater) My car is a hot rod car, so as long as it blows air when I need it too I am happy.