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  • Electrical: Headlights

    Are new headlight wiring harnesses available? This is for my son's 1952 Studebaker Commander. He would like to add turn signal lights. It's still on a 6V system.

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    Rhode Island Wiring has the turn signal harness and more available for your '52:


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      The headlight harnesses only go from the headlight buckets to the junction block above the hood latch, and yes, those are available.
      If the parking lights only have a single filament #63 bulb you will need to replace the socket to accept the #1158 double filament bulb, and of course the signal switch and harness from the steering column.
      The tail lights would already have double filament #1158, since tail lights and brake lights utilize separate filaments.

      This photo gleaned from the Larkworks site. The green wires are for the park & signal lights.
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