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  • Body / Glass: Trunk hinges

    Can you remove the studs that attach the trunk hinge to the body on a 61 Hawk or are they fixed

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    With my limited knowledge I'd say no. None of the four C bodied cars I have owned had removable studs, I assume it was a welded piece during assembly. I guess you might want to explain why you want to remove them.


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      The reason why i want to remove them is so i can replace them with longer studs so the hinges will be able to be lowered and them the trunk lid will hopefully be flush with the body. At the moment i cant put any more shims under the hinges to lower the trunk lid


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        I'd suggest that the hinges are worn out as the cause of your problem. Here is a link on rebuilding the hinge. Good luck


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          Thanks very much for the info will start on the rebuild tomorrow


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            Thanks for the rebuild link. This is something I will do in the future.


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              Or see this ad on the Studebaker Swap page: (the original ad has photo.)
              For Sale Rebuilt 53 – 64 C/K Trunk Hinges with Springs. Cliff

              Out in the sticks near Dixie, WA
              Completely rebuilt 53 - 64 C/K trunk hinges. All parts are bead blasted. All pins except #6 are replaced with new, oversize pins. The holes are reamed for a snug slip fit on the pins. On #4 and #6, high-load oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearings are installed. The #6 pin has the large ends that the springs hook on and is cleaned and reused. All parts are primered before assembly and touched up after.

              $145 per pair plus $40 core charge refunded upon return of your rebuildable C/K hinges. Plus actual shipping cost.
              Ad Number: 23206
              (read it backwards)

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