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  • Body / Glass: rear bumper valence thing

    Does anyone know which way this valence thingy fits on the rear of my 1960 Lark? I guess I should have written that down when I took it apart!
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    Looks like all of your Mounting Tabs and Holes are in the Top, so would have to go UP to mount it. As in Pic #2.
    The Curved upward Ends have to go Down.

    The Bumper goes on WITH the Valance.

    If it does not fit, do not let those Bumpers Brackets fool you, they could be on the Wrong side or upside down.

    Are you SURE that Panel actually WAS fitted to THIS Car?
    The '61, '62 and '63 Valances LOOK alike but are Not.

    I would not install the Rear Parts until the 1/4 Panels are on.
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