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  • Interior: Door locks ‘50 champion

    Hello all,
    Neither one of my door locks have worked since purchasing my car so I apologize in advance for any questions that seem basic info. When I turn my key to the right, I unlock the door but am unable to remove the key unless I then turn it back to the left, locking it. This also prevents someone inside the vehicle from opening the door. Their inside handle doesn’t unopen it. Both my lock cylinders were disconnected and when I reconnected them this is the situation. Before I buy new lock assemblies can someone tell me what the proper operation of the door locks is ?

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    After unlocking the Key Lock only turn the Key halfway back the other way to straight up and the Key will come out.
    But also be SURE the Inside levers are not pushed Forward in Lock position.

    The Inside Door Lock Release "Remote" may be sticking, but I think maybe you just need to understand how it works.
    Did you install them with the Rounded "Ball" end of the Key Slot DOWN?
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      Thx Rich,
      you’re right, I have no frame of reference for what is correct, once I understand it will be easier! I haven’t installed anything yet, I just reconnected the lock cylinder lever to the lock assembly. Previously, both cylinders just spun around with the key. What are you referring to by “ the rounded ball of the key slot down”- the rod on the door lock cylinder? If so, I think that my problem lol.
      Also, the passenger/driver ability to lock the door lock from the inside by pushing the door handle forward isn’t working which is probably also influenced by the cylinder rod connected incorrectly lol
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        Originally posted by Flthdchamp View Post
        What are you referring to by “ the rounded ball of the key slot down”?
        Click image for larger version  Name:	lock.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.5 KB ID:	1894898When inserting the key, the "teeth" on the key should point up.
        Originally posted by Flthdchamp View Post
        Also, is the passenger/driver able to lock the door lock from the inside by pushing the door handle forward ?
        That is how it SHOULD work.
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          yes I have the cylinder right side up but I’m pretty sure the rod is wrong as it currently unlocks at 6 o’clock and locks at 12. Should be left to 9:00 and right to 3:00 for lock/unlock per Rich. Key release at 12. Pretty basic knowledge but now I know lol. I’m sure this also affected the inside door handle’s ability to lock/ unlock.


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            The rod on the back of the lock is mostly square. That means it can be installed into the square latch hole in one of four ways. Only one way works to allow the outside lock to lock/unlock the door, as well as the inside handle to lock/unlock the door.

            Put it in the correct way and it should work.
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              In that era, a Studebaker front door must be closed before it can be locked using the inside handle. This means you cannot lock yourself out of the car accidentally.

              When locked using the inside handle it can only be unlocked by using the inside handle.

              A door which has been locked from the outside (using the key in the lock) can be opened from the inside. However, it remains locked from the outside until the key is used to open the lock.

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              When my son was about 14, I asked him to lock the '47 one evening, and went to toss him the key. "I don't need that, Dad", he said. OK, he'll learn. And he is intelligent, so maybe he thought of something that I didn't. A couple of minutes later he returned and said, "The car is locked." I knew the answer before asking him how he did it. "I locked both front doors from inside, hopped over the seat, and got out the back door, which I locked."

              I replied "OK, here's the key. Now unlock the car." He said, "Why?" I said, "Just do it." When he came back in the house several minutes later, the look on his face said it all before he spoke. "I couldn't open the car. What now?" I told him I had one idea, which might, or might not, work. I gave him a screwdriver and a long broom handle. "Open the trunk, and unscrew the parcel shelf in front of the rear window." That gave a semi-circular opening, divided by a brace welded between the body ad the rear seat frame. "Put your head up one side of the brace so you can see, and your arm holding the broom handle up the other side." That is a very awkward, uncomfortable contortion. "Try to push a front door handle forward using the broom handle," I said. After a few tries that worked, and the car was unlocked.

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                Great story Bill and thanks to you and Roy and everyone for the info, it would have taken some trial and error before I figured these things out.