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Parking brake handle won't move ???

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  • Brakes: Parking brake handle won't move ???

    I'm stumped. In my 63 Lark, I can't pull the parking brake handle out. All the lines under the car are loose and not frozen. The issue appears to be somewhere at the handle and under dash bracket area.

    As shown in the pictures, I unbolted the bracket and lowered it to get a better look. The black handle can rotate, with the shaft and pin at the far end, left and right but only about 1/16 in. and I can't pull it out. It is not frozen but appears to be locked in place somehow. I can't rotate any further and I can't pull is out at all. Click image for larger version

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    Any ideas of what's going on? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Was this working before or has it set for a prolonged period ? Assuming the latter, Id say simply its stuck. The small spring in the ratchet appears to be free at this position. Can you slightly rotate the handle at all ? If it won't budge, Id suggest a little oil along the two surfaces and a light rap with a piece of wood (either direction) and see if it gives.


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      Oil might work Jeff . I hope the cable isn't frayed as that happened to one of my cars.
      Rob in PA.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_87680.jpg
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ID:	1894906 If all else fails you may need to remove the entire handle and cable assembly; soak it with Kroil or PB Blaster or such; disassemble , clean and lubricate everything, then re-assemble. Pretty certain I accomplished this many years ago.
        Those who remember better may correct me, but I believe this pin is simply pressure tapped in the shaft, and can be pulled out to disassemble.
        Brad Johnson,
        SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
        Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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          I had same problem in my 63 Lark. cable was frozen where it goes through firewall. soaked whole mess in diesel then performed the Rockne10 ceremony and all has been well since 95. Luck Doofus


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            Tinman......... "Oilcan!"


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              Years ago I bought a Lark convertible that had been sitting for some time, and the handbrake wouldn't pull out from the dash. Underneath the car, not far back from the front was a scissors-like pivot point, as I recall. I sprayed that assembly with penetrating oil and the handle then pulled out and the handbrake worked just fine. You say the lines under the car are free, but it might be something to check.

              I agree though, your assembly inside the car looks like it's definitely in need of some lubrication.


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                All great tips and information. Thanks to everyone for the ideas. I will dive into this some more.