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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 53 Commander rewiring

    I am trying to help a friend rewire a 53 Commander coupe. Most of the under hood stuff is no problem but someone disconnected the wires under the dash and I am having a really hard time finding out what goes where. The car is an 8 cylinder with an automatic transmission and the only wiring diagram I have is in the reprinted service manual but it doesn't show a lot for this car. I believe it is for a stick shift car as it lists connections for the overdrive. The owner purchased what he said was a new harness from Midwest but that was years ago and it did not come with a diagram or marked wires.
    Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here you go, this is the Main Harness, the Accessory wiring diagrams for Turn Signals, Climatizer Heater/Defroster, Overdrive etc. are on separate pages.

    Here is where it and the others are:

    The very least physically strenuous way to do this is; to remove the Dash by removing 4 Bolts and few Screws along the Windshield and everything connected between the Dash and the Body.

    Lay the Dash on a Table, wire it, and re-install, feeding the Engine End through the Firewall.

    ALMOST Easy! .
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      I think I can help. I rewired my 53 Commander Coupe about a year ago. I had a new main wiring harness that had been gifted to me years ago but never installed and with no chart other than the shop manual. Long story short: got it done. Had to purchase new front directional and rear harnesses but got those two done as well. Got fantastic help and encouragement from folks here on the forum. I can mail you copies of my charts and notes if you want them. Send me a pm.
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