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    Wipers failed last year on my '63 Lark, and I finally found a spare wiper motor to replace. I was surprised to find the wipers stuck. I removed the linkage and found corroded bushings. Disassembled, cleaned and lubed. All Good.

    Just a trouble shooting tip. Never heard of this happening.

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    Hi Doug, so the problem was not in the Wiper Driver (Arms) but seized bushings INSIDE the Wiper Motor "Transmission" ?

    I would guess the Location of '61 to '66 Larks and Lark Types Wiper Motor, does create different issues than others that are better protected from the Weather.
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      Hi Rich, long time, no see.

      The corrosion was in the wiper arms. The linkage was seized. The wiper motor never came off the car.

      The problem was in the cowl area, not the engine compartment.


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        I am having the same issue with my 54 sedan. I tried some kroil, but no immediate results. How is the motor disconnected from the linkage?
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          I believe their is a small flap in the center of the "Wheel" that has a small nut under it. that holds the shaft to the wheel. Luck Doofus