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  • Brakes: turner disk brakes

    Getting ready to put the turner disk brake conversion on my 54 hdtp. was wondering where you buy those stone guards. And is it a good idea to install them. THANKS

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    I seriously doubt that is a "bolt on" (or even close) stone guard for the Stude spindle.
    I also doubt if any more than "maybe" 2% of Stude owners have installed or "tried" to install any sort of stone guard. My guess, I hope that you are good sheet metal forming if you really want stone guards !
    Because of the chassis design, and the deep offset of the Studebaker wheel, that the wheels/tires provide enough inside rotor damage protection. I've never had any rotor damage in my daily driver Stude (just over 93,000 miles), and I've never heard of any others having any sort of rotor damage.



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      If you can find a pair of guards used on a Stude Disk brake setup, you CAN rework them to fit..
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        going without guards sounds good. thanks


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          We installed the Original Stude. Disc Brake "Grease Shields" on my Daytona with Turner Discs, it is a Factory equipped Disc Brake Car.
          After trimming the Pointed Corners off, they fit fine and I think it is great not to have Chassis Grease all over the Rotors with FIVE Zerks nearby!
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