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  • Cool/Heat: Hot inside my Hawk

    When the weather warms up, I can really feel the inside of my '63 Hawk getting hot. When I open the side vents (particularly the passenger side vent), it gets even warmer. I know that the heater core is housed inside the fender wall within the right vent assembly, and the only thing I can think to do is to put a manual shut off valve within the heater hoses- if, in fact, that's the actual problem. Also, I'm wondering if a thermal heat shield for the floors may be in order. Is/has anyone else had this issue, and if so, your thoughts?

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    Years ago, one of the locals named his Avanti "shake & bake".
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      No you don't have to add anything, just check that the "Heat" Lever is "OFF", and that when it is, the Water Control Valve "Ranco" Valve is actually all the way Off and is shutting the Hot Water off.

      The Heater Hose from the Lower Part of the Water Manifold Should be the Return from the Heater Core, and the Upper Hose should be the Hot Input to the Ranco Valve.

      With the engine warmed, and the Heat Control Lever OFF, the Input hose should be Warm, and the Return Hose Cold.
      You may need to correct the Hoses or replace the Valve.

      In the Summer Weather, '63 Hawks do not tend to be abnormally Hot.
      With the "Heat" Control OFF, You can Open the Outer Right Air Door, AND the Inner one, and open the Left Air Vent and be sure to partially Open a Vent Window with roll-up windows UP and it will be fairly Cool below 85-90 Degrees outside.

      Above that, you may need the Roll Up windows DOWN as well!
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        Thanks Rich, appreciated greatly.


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          I'm following up on this thread with a question on my 1960 Hawk. I don't have anything valved off, so I've got flow - but my heater control (to the under-passenger-seat heater) "creeps" up from "off" to about 2/3 of the way "on" as soon as I have the engine on, and that under-seat radiator then heats up - less-happy about that in 80+ degree MN summers I'm trying to determine if I should troubleshoot the control valve (maybe these get loose over time?), or otherwise tackle this. My poor-man's approach so far is a rubber band that retains the control valve at far-left, and that's not as cool-looking as it sounds. Any thoughts?