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Hole in my Rubber?

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  • Body / Glass: Hole in my Rubber?

    I'm redoing all my door windows and made a stupid mistake... I worked on both at the same time, so now I have no original to look at and my old guy memory isn't bringing it up. Does anyone know what goes in this hole in my rubber for the door vent windows? It would hold the rubber to the metal frame I think, so not sure a bolt or rivet would work. I have the repair manual and the chassis parts book, but neither have a good picture.
    Also, what fastener is supposed hold the window frame to the regulator pins? 1st picture is pin, 2nd is something I put together, but I don't think I could install it that way as it is on the back side and pretty difficult to reach.
    I bought the rubbers from Studebaker Glass, they told me these rubbers from their latest supplier weren't the best and to expect extra long install time. This was my 1st time doing something like this, and after watching a few videos, silicone spray lube, and heat gun... it came out just fine.
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    I’m pretty sure that’s the hole that takes a rivet when the window & rubber is installed into the door frame, there is a tab in the door frame channel, you pop a rivet from inside the door to lock in place, just going on memory, someone correct me if I’m incorrect, regards, Cus


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      So that doesn't attach the rubber to the frame, but the frame to the door? Thanks Cus63, and I also edited another question and two more pictures to my original post.


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        Cus63 is right on the money. and if you forget to bolt/rivet/screw the rubber down your seal will act up every time you try to latch the vent window. your window regulator pin set up will probably work tho not exactly Factory, some models used a plastic roller with clip inserted in "Neck" of roller. over time the plastic crumbles and the glass goes wonky. a thin washer works best with some lube. BTDT. Luck Doofus


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          There should be a nut moulded into the rubber and then you bolt it from under the frame. It is to bad the replacements aren't made as the original. Along with the rubber being to long this is a problem also. That hole looks like it is moulded with about a 5/16 thread. The original nut is 8 or10/32. I filled the hole with urethane and stuck the head of a 8/32 bolt and let it dry, insert in frame and put a nut on the bottom side of the vent frame. Apparently Steele used to make one that was a perfect fit but don't carry anymore. It seems these are all made in the same place.