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  • Engine: Last carbureted car

    I was wondering when the last production vehicle using a carburetor was made so here it is. Of course, NASCAR continued to use carbs through 2011 and many racers still swear by them.
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    For true; if it weren't for emissions regulations, we'd still be buying cars with carburetors and distributors.

    Some don't realize it took thirty years of research for fuel injection to become reliable and cost-effective. FWIW, Rochester introduced their constant flow injection in 1957 as did Bendix with their Electrojector. Neither was ready for general use.

    Bosch had been building timed mechanical injection for many years, but realized it would never be suitable for general automotive gas engine use, so they bought the Rochester and Bendix patent rights and tinkered with both US designs for many years. The first iteration of the EFI was the L-Jetronic on VW in 1969. It worked, but not without problems. Bosch then went back to the constant flow design and by the 1980s, most European cars were using the K-Jetronic.

    As emissions requirements tightened, after only thirty years of research and development, Bosch finally perfected the Bendix Electrojector, with solid state Motronic controls.

    Today, most ICEs are being built with high pressure timed direct injection, the fourth generation of fuel injection.

    jack vines


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      One minor nitpick with the article. In 1990, GM also installed carburetors in big Chevies, not just Buick and Oldsmobile. My wife-to-be had a 90 Chevy Caprice wagon with a Rochester carb. Fortunately for me, it worked flawlessly, as I never would have been able to make any adjustments (much less repairs) to it.
      Skip Lackie


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        Good article, but suggest this thread be moved to Stove Huggers.


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          I thought the Toyota Tercel was the last car with a carb.


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            I thought it was the Yugo ?