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1932-1933 S-series & 1934-1935 T-series Radiator Caps

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  • Other: 1932-1933 S-series & 1934-1935 T-series Radiator Caps

    In the featured article from TW (June 1995) page 17 Fred Fox lists two truck winged radiator caps. #632465 used on 1932-1933 S-series trucks and 634769 used on 1934-1935 T-series trucks. Because of the age of the issue, the photo's are really small and have little detail. Of coarse, pre-war truck information and photo's are really hard to find. I am working on a photo book (will paste one page below left) that would show every mascot and hood ornament Studebaker ever used. The photo in the center below I think might be of the 1934-1935 truck cap 634769, but am not sure. If anyone can confirm that to be true it would be very helpful for my project. I am also looking for a correct photo for cap #632465. It appears that that cap is just a much simpler version of the later cap shown on the fire truck below. However, I have no way to confirm any of my speculation. My intention to share the book with our local chapter (allow the book to be printed at cost) when it is complete. The graphic on the right is an example a page the book will have. I use a close-up photo of the hood ornament or radiator cap mascot and then place a small cut-out of the vehicle the ornament or mascot would have been found on + some text. I am also missing the necessary photographs to complete graphics for the 1939 Commander/President/Coupe Express, for the 1942 Commander/President, and for the 1946 Champion Skyway. I anyone is willing to help me with photo's for those three graphic's drop me a PM.