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Dual Master Pushrod Length

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  • Brakes: Dual Master Pushrod Length

    I have a 62 lark with drums all around, I'm attempting to convert the car to a dual circuit master cylinder (I purchased from S/A for a 64 and up car), and I realize the pushrod is too long (5 3/32 in total). I've seen reference to Shortening the rod on the forum, but am unsure how much I should cut off? Thanks.

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    I found an adjustable one at NAPA several years ago. it was a trial and error, you do want a bit of clearance to be sure the MC cylinder retracts fully, even with heat, but not so much that you have too much slop. Different MCs will need different lengths, so look at teh adjustable ones.
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ