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235 60 r15 on 1954 truck

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  • Wheels / Tires: 235 60 r15 on 1954 truck

    what is the widest tire that will fit on a stock 1954 3r 6 pickup?
    anyone put 235 60 r15 tires on a stock rims?
    ive heard 235 65 15

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    The stock rims were designed for 7.10 x 15 bias-ply tires. A 235 tire is more than 9" wide -- too wide. There is a whole library of info that warns against changing to wider radial tires (or radial tires at all) on 65-year old narrow wheels designed for bias-ply tires. The stresses imposed on them by the flexing inherent in radial tires causes cracks to form around the holes. Eventually the wheels fail.

    Many people switch to Chevy/GMC half-ton wheels, which have the same 5 x 5" bolt pattern. But that requires spacers and the installation of longer studs. An alternative is to change to Chevy brake drums, which allows the use of any Chevy/GMC half-ton wheel. Here's how it's done:
    Skip Lackie


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      That plus the steering gear was never designed to transmit the loads when 235/60 rubber is on hot asphalt. Lie under the truck and witness the steering gearbox distorting and the frame twisting.

      jack vines



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        so the only way to use wider tires on front would be to install a different front end and steering box, like a mustang 2 style?


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          Originally posted by bass1974 View Post
          so the only way to use wider tires on front would be to install a different front end and steering box, like a mustang 2 style?
          Could I answer your question with a question - why do you want wider tires on a '54 light-duty pickup?


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            why put more rubber on any car? looks first, traction second
            49-59 studebaker pickups are some of the curviest, sexiest most muscular vehicles ever made, thats why i bought one, tires that fill in those fenders enhance the look,
            ive had about 10 classic cars modified em all, starting with rims and tires. the front bumper is getting lopped off and its getting lowered a little as well,
            sorry studebaker purists


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              Yep, you’ve lost me at the word “stock” in your initial post.

              All the best to you.
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                Not an issue of purists. At one time, there was a kit available to convert to a Ford Aerostar front end, but that may not be available any more. I suspect Aerostar was chosen because it matched exactly with the Study frame, and required the least surgery. Lots of vehicle modifiers on this board, but can't recommend something that would compromise the safety of the vehicle.
                Skip Lackie