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  • Engine: Pickup throttle linkage

    So Iv'e been away for awhile...Still have my 59 Lark and recently bought a 49 C cab. My question is, does the throttle bellcrank and and linkage from a later E cab with a V8 bolt on to an earlier C cab? If so any of you guys have a complete throttle linkage assembly? Thanks in advance , Lumpy.

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    The throttle linkage on the 6-cylinder and V8 trucks are completely different. If you are putting a V8 into a 49 C-cab, you will need the complete setup from a V8 C-cab.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thank you Skip, yes I am putting a V8 in it , It was my understanding that the V8 wasn't available until the E series trucks in 54. From what I have read the firewalls are identical thats why I was looking for E series linkage. Any input is welcomed. Thanks Lumpy


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        I had a V8 linkage at one time. I'll mount a search.

        jack vines


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          Great ! Thanks Jack.


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            To answer you question "does the V8 Linkage FIT", YES!

            Since V8's do not have Firewall mounted Throttle Linkage like a Six, it all goes on the back of the Left Cylinder Head and includes a built-in temperature sending Unit or more correctly "Cylinder Head Port" Block off Plate, causing the temp. sender to move to the Right Head.

            The Best way to understand how things go together, is to simply look them up in the '55 or later Truck Parts Catalog.
            In this case, the Throttle Linkage PICTURE is in the Fuel Section.
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