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Turner kit in 1951 Commander w/auto

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    In my ‘60 Lark I had to file out the mounting holes quite a bit to get floor clearance, modify the bracket, and make a new pin so the push rod wasn’t at an angle. So yea, even bolt in kits require some adjustments!

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    started a topic Brakes: Turner kit in 1951 Commander w/auto

    Turner kit in 1951 Commander w/auto

    Click image for larger version  Name:	master from rear.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	108.5 KB ID:	1893022​​

    Finally finished the basic installation of the Turner kit in my '51 Commander Starlight Coupe with Auto Transmission. Thought I'd just post these pics as a record to help anyone else, as there aren't any with the instructions.

    After consulting with Jim a bit, I had to:
    1) drill a better placed hole in the main bracket to accept the strap from the brake pedal - to - the master-cylinder-bracket. The hole he supplied was in the wrong place.
    2) I had to switch the order of the strap and the parking brake mechanism on the pedal-shaft to better clear the main-bracket hole, 3) I had to grind down (thin-out) the eye of the linkage rod he supplied because there wasn't enough clearance to allow for movement of the different pieces on the brake pedal shaft.
    4) I also had to use a my own pin to connect the linkage to the brake pedal ear -- again, there wasn't enough room on my linkage to fit the bolt he supplied. Basically, I had a bag of Studebaker 407-616 Rivets (3/8"d x 1" long), which have a thin flat head and into which I drilled a 1/8 hole to accept a cotter pin to replace the bolt Jim Turner provided.
    5) Shorten the linkage rod to match the original it replaced.

    Not sure why this much modification (and time & frustration) in fitting was involved. Didn't think there was that much variation in the frames & shafts, but, I guess there are! Given other things going on, it added about a month of time, 'tho I guess it was about four or five-full days fitting and pondering. And yes, I have to pull the boot up on the linkage rod...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	master from side.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	142.3 KB ID:	1893019 Click image for larger version  Name:	linkaage view below.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	165.1 KB ID:	1893020 Click image for larger version  Name:	linkage view side.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	91.9 KB ID:	1893021