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2R5 Vacuum Motor Question

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  • Body / Glass: 2R5 Vacuum Motor Question

    I cleaned up the vacuum wiper motor that is on my 1949 2R5 truck. I have the blow up drawing shown in the photo, but I cannot figure out where the spring connects. Also, I am not sure that I have 'rocker home' in the right place. Does anyone know where these parts go? Thanks.
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    I am sure you know that many Older Truck owners have just cut the Cowl brace out of a Transtar Truck, Welded it in earlier Trucks and replaced the "Motor" with Electric.

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      If you don't get your motor figured out, Ficken Wiper Service in West Babylon NY are the experts in rebuilding vacuum wiper motors and making them run like new.
      Bill Jarvis


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        I like those ideas. Thanks.


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          That's what I did. I drilled out the Cowl brace from a newer truck and used the whole works.
          If you decide to go electric, you must use Everything. Cowl Brace, Wiper Motor and rotating assemblies. They are different than earlier trucks.


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            I do like that idea, but I do not have a truck that those parts can be taken from. If one becomes available at a price and distance that I will accept, then I will be on it. Before this truck went on blocks in 1988 it had to pass the state vehicle inspection. Back then the wipers could be coaxed to make one pass, and the inspector was happy with that one pass. The last state inspection sticker is still on the windshield, so I can date the last time these wipers moved to July 1987. Since its revival began in 2013 it has been registered as an antique, which does not require that inspection. I work to keep my relics from degrading due to atmospheric conditions. Part of that is bringing them out only on dry days with dry roads, so I have no need of working wipers. If cleaning out the motor will make these wipers work for novelty purpose, then I will be happy with that. I do like things to work better than I like them to not work. If I can just figure out where that spring goes and how that 'rocker home' fits, then this motor may work again.

            Thanks for your advice.