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  • Rear Axle: Differential oil

    Servicing the Twin Traction in 63 R1, what is preferred oil now adays

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    The Brand is not as important as the API Grade, it must be Hypoid Gear Oil GL-5, The Weight is 90 or 80W/90, and if you do a full drain, add the Friction Modifier, Limited Slip Additive usually a 4 OZ Bottle will do, and follow the directions on it.
    Buy a Good Brand though, like Valvoline or Sta-Lube.

    I go to a Jeep Dealer to get the Dana approved additive, but Parts Stores carry the alternative to OEM Factory stuff.
    I would think that 4X4 Shops do also.
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      Thank You for information


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        I have been using Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-110 full synthetic gear lube in my cars with excellent results. It has the friction modifiers for Twin Traction already included. I believe that most of the full synthetic lubes such as Valvoline and Mobil 1 also have the limited slip additive included too. I will say that Lucas full synthetic gear lube caused clutch chatter in my Avanti and also in the differential of a friends Corvette. Synthetic lubes are more expensive but since they are changed infrequently, the added protection from the synthetics are well worth the extra money. Bud