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Repairing OD while trans. Is still in the frame

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Repairing OD while trans. Is still in the frame

    Would it be foolish to try and repair my OD with the trans. Still in the truck? Have tested everything I know how with no luck, I think it is not engaging into the sun gear.

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    My vote would be, yes.

    Any disassembly of a gearbox needs to be done in enough space with good lighting and clean conditions!


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      It's not that hard to remove the whole gearbox,maybe easier than just the OD.
      Ron Dame
      '63 Champ


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        easier to get the whole thing out. half the job is the driveshaft anyway.
        pull the floor center pan and that makes it even easier.


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          Ok,I won't be foolish, I thought with the floor pan out it would make access to the OD simpler.


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            If you can get the truck on a hoist, there is no need to remove the floor center pan, if simply removing the transmission. Center pan removal will help with taking out the bell housing, though, should you wish to do that.

            So what is the problem with your overdrive? How have you determined that there is an internal mechanical problem?
            Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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              Well,I removed the govenor, cleaned and tested,then shorted to the frame an got the relay and solenoid to both click,pulled the fuse and drove it,which I drove after every step,so it will not go into free wheel. When I work the lever on the side of the trans. There is no resistance, my spare has spring resistance when you work the lever. So I am going in to see if something is missing or broken, hope I covered all my bases.