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53 Commander C coupe front vent window seal source

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  • Body / Glass: 53 Commander C coupe front vent window seal source

    Just wondering if anyone has found another source for these seals. All the dealers must be getting them from the same place as non of them fit properly. I came across a discussion about the ones from Steele which fit correctly. Unfortunately they no longer sell them. You can struggle with these and use them but they will never fit properly.

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    I just got 550.00 worth of door windows & vents and am in process putting it back together. I got the parts from Studebaker Glass, but have not yet done any install. Not that any of this is easy, but now I will relax and expect a bit of a struggle with this part or the job. 56 C Power Hawk.


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      Do you mean Studebaker glass and rubber in Nevada.


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        I suspect that there is only ONE vendor for those ill fitting seals, I just forced the vent wings closed and locked the latch The rubber seal for the flip out windows on the C model coupes is crap too, not the right profile. I guess poor fitting seals are better than NO seals, but it is still disappointing