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Door Hinge Pin Removal, 1929 President

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  • Body / Glass: Door Hinge Pin Removal, 1929 President

    What is the best way to remove the door hinge pins on a 1929 President. I tapped on one a little but it didn't move so before I mess it up I thought I would ask. Thank you

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      I had the same issue on a '46 Chevy. I just soaked them in liquid wrench for a week or so then used a punch about the same size as the pin to punch them out.


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        They probably have a knurl on the end to help hold them in place, and it will take more than a tap to drive them out. Bead blast the part,(especially the head), to see if someone brazed the pin in place. A lot can happen in nearly a century. Also, use a little heat to break any rust bonds. I don't think you have to worry about any plastic melting!
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