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  • Cool/Heat: Add Avanti Air Conditioning

    I have been toying with the idea of getting an Avanti. I am aware they do run hot. can be unconfortable on a long drive and can be a bit fussy as far as keeping in tune.

    1. In opinions (of which I am sure there is plenty on the forum ) would be the better of an Avanti or Avanti II?
    2. Not having A/C in Arizona would not be a deal breaker as long as A/C could be added. It would not have to be stock with the center vents but be able to cool the car down. What is recommended?
    3 What modifications would be needed to the cooling system to deal with the added heat with the A/C system? Of course, the system would be checked out first to make sure it was in tip top shape.
    4. Is there additional heat that comes into the cabin on an Avanti?

    I hope to see about this coming around in a couple of months. The would be a sometimes driver. I have a 62 Lark with an A/C unit that is correct for the car, just not installed as of yet. The seats in the lark are firm and comfortable but the car is what it is. It is unusual to see a 62 Lark out and about. In an earlier post on tops or flops, the point was made that the Avanti did not look like anything on the highway, then or now.

    Bob Miles

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    I had an Avant II as my first. The GM motor and GM a/c was amazing. After a few years I sold the car to a guy in Fl. His wife had 1 complaint about the car; not the smell of gas in the garage, not the stiff ride, not the noise of the exhaust, not the few leaks of rain water during a sudden downpour, not the errant raddles, the DAMM A/C WAS SO COLD SHE HAD TO OPEN THE WINDOWS IN AUGUST
    so, if you want really cold and reliable A/C, go for an Avanti 11


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      Buy the best and latest model that you like appearance wise. The later the model the better the seats and make sure the a/c works well. The Chevy drive train is factory from GM and all the service and parts are as close as you're FLAPS and local garage.

      If you buy one without a/c, go to the aftermarket like Vintage Air and add all modern components. I used Southern Air on my 74 but it's not charged yet so no data.

      Thank me after you drive it for a while!!



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        Has anyone EVER seen how an Aftermarket Air would look in the Console or "somewhere" else in the dash of a Studebaker or Early Avanti II, Avanti?

        We have all seen the Lark/Hawk underdash Vintage Air Installs, but never an Avanti !
        I sure would not ruin the dash to put it anywhere except the Forward Console.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          Here is a '63 Avanti that had aftermarket AC added. A friend bought (and subsequently sold) this car. The AC was already on the car, so we know nothing about it other than what the console looks like.
          Click image for larger version

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