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  • Engine: Spin-on Oil Filters

    I assume all Studebaker spin-on oil filters are the I correct?
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    Definitely NOT!

    The "Bi-pass Type" Spin-On Filter on the Top of the Engine, Fram PB50 or alternative, is way different than the "Full Flow Type" Fram PH11, WIX 51049, NAPA Gold 1049, Baldwin B9, Hastings LF212 mounted on the Adapter on the Right Rear lower of the Engine Block used only on Late 1962 to 1964 6 and 8 Blocks.

    I just bought a Case of Baldwin B9's for $7.00 ea. on eBay, $16.29 at NAPA.
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      To be technical...
      The 'bypass' type filter (mounted up top) is supposed to have a built in anti drain-back valve in it as well as a restrictor orifice fitting in the outlet line. The oil is just tapped into an oil passage, filtered, and then dumped back into the block.

      A 'full flow' oil filter has all the oil coming out of the oil pump go through the filter before going to the cam and crank bearings.
      Because the 'full flow' filter is mounted base up it does not require an anti drain-back valve.

      Studebaker put poppet check valves in the oil filter mounting base on full flow engines. This prevented an oil starvation issue if the filter clogged. Most oil filter manufacturers build that overpressure bypass valve internally in the filter itself.

      Because oil filter manufacturers have a constant quest to reduce SKU's, they are always looking at what will screw on, and will it function properly from an engineering standpoint. So care should be taken in selecting current oil filter offerings. The oil filter companies marketing in the USA have undergone several ownership changes in recent years, so the inevitable catalog changes pop up.

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