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Eaton pump pressures

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  • Steering: Eaton pump pressures

    I know this probably isn’t the right place for this but I’m out of ideas. Also the most I find anywhere is info on rebuilding and not adjusting.

    In all my searching I can’t find Eaton pump pressures or Aerostar rack pressures.

    What are the most effective way(s) to change power steering pump pressure on an old Eaton pump?

    I keep popping steel lines on my truck. The Aerostar swapped one. Going to build my second steel line on my second rack.

    I have wondered about bigger pump pullies. Adding a valve and return line right outside the pressure outlet. Or messing with the spring in the relief.

    Has anyone messed with these? Are there different springs/kits for things like this? Or is an unexplored area where a guy has to experiment?

    anything will help. Thanks

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    So do you have a basically Stock or at least STUDEBAKER V8 Engine in this "Hot Rod" Truck?
    What about the Pump, a stock '58 to '66 Eaton for Studebaker P/S Pump?
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      StudeRich: It is a slightly hotter studebaker V8. The pump is the Eaton that was used in larks and mustangs.

      In the meantime I shortened the pressure spring by about 1/4 inch.


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        Did you measure the pressure before and after?
        David L


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          64Avanti: pressure out of the pump.

          For right now I found a generic parts breakdown from stangersite and located the relief spring in my own pump. I recently replaced my pump so I still had my core. I cut 1 coil off of the old spring. That accounts for roughly 1/4” difference between the old and new springs. This truck is my daily driver so I had to get it patched back up. I guess for now time will tell if pressure is down or not.

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            And what were the pressures?
            David L


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              64Avanti: I don’t know on both. I don’t know what actual pressure spec is for the pump. Nor do I know the rack. Nor do I know the actual pressure before or after. I can tell you that driving now with the shorter spring at low engine speeds the steering does feel weaker so I think the blind spring shortening worked. Only time will tell though