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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Overdrive troubleshooting

    So back with this old issue and really don't know what to do..bit of a long post.
    48 Studebaker Champion, Borg Warner OD. Yes I have Randy Rundles manual on it.
    OD dashboard knob OUT no OD(of course) and the tranny doesn't freewheel in 3rd gear..
    OD knob IN it still won't kick into OD and the tranny DOES freewheel in 3rd.
    Rundles manual says this points to an electrical issue not mechanical interior transmission problem.
    I've had a new relay, solenoid and governor put on to no avail. I do hear a click from the relay when I hook the battery up. Maybe it's the wiring leading to these parts?
    I'm at a total loss on how to get my OD working properly, I REALLY hope there's help to be had here. I'm in the greater St. Louis area if anyone knows a place that can help.
    Thanks in advance if I don't get back to everyone individually.

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    Ok Must be a wiring problem. You should not hear a click from the relay unless the governor is engaged that usually happens above 30 mph or so. If the relay is engaged the OD solenoid should be locked up as well so would put you into OD from a start. Since that is not happening I would guess that the wiring harness is hurt some where from the relay to the trans. Make double sure you have the wiring correct at the relay crossing the sol and gov wires would result in the relay engaging from the start and no OD action. DMc


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      It could be something as simple as the fuse on the 4 wire relay is not making contact. In 1968, a older mechanic showed me an old trick to take the fuse out of the relay and with a pocket knife scape the two holders of the fuse then replace the fuse and test drive. It worked and the overdrive engaged. The last year there was a 4 wire relay on passenger cars was 1957.

      Bob Miles


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        Sounds like the kickdown switch and lockout switch were left out of the parts cannon when it fired. Test them both in Chapter lll beginning on page 8 in that book.
        So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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          Check the simple things first! A misadjusted lockout cable can cause this. When the T-handle is pushed in to enable overdrive, the lockout lever on the side of the OD case must be fully against its stop. "Close" does not cut it. It does not have to very far at all off the stop to inhibit the action of the shift pawl, even if free-wheeling works. I like to set the lockout lever in the OD position, and then adjust the cable so there is about 1/8" gap between the T-handle and its bezel nut. If the gap is zero, you can never be certain the OD lever is fully back.
          Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands