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    The keyway on the trunk of my Power Hawk is approx. 26 1/4" off the ground. Thats with 14" wheels and 215/75 tires.


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      Originally posted by Rafe Hollister View Post
      I just checked out pictures, my trunk key is in the middle of the trunk 'grill', the GT is near the top. Very nice wheels! What are they? And where did you get the studebaker center logos?
      As far as I know the trunk lid is the same from '56 thru '63, but the interior braceing changes some, and the '62-'63 have an overlay panel covering the ribs.
      My wheels are from a 2015 -2020 Ford Mustang; I made the center caps.


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        which diff in 54 commander, please?
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          '56 trunk lid is different than the others, but it fits. My '61 Hawk has had a '56 lid installed. The lock is different, the '56 has a turn latch, the others do not.- Jim


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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	1904015 I am sure not all will agree with my idea of proper stance, but I wanted my car low, two inch blocks in the rear and a coil and half removed up front. Sometimes the lack of clearance is annoying It looks just like I wanted it....and out on the road it doesn't ride too bad Sorry I didn't take the same measurements as had been listed.
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              That looks very nice. I also used 2" lowering blocks to get mine to roughly stock height. But then the rear 235/70/15s rubbed, so I swapped them for the front 205/75/15s. I tell people its front wheel drive now.
              I plan on buying TorqThrust 2s, 215/60/16 on front and 235/60/17 (5.5" backspace so they don't rub) on rear. That should keep the rear about what it is and lower the front a bit more. I may also cut the springs a bit. Thanks for your measurements, I can reference them as to how mine will look if I were to lower it even more.
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