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  • Transmission / Overdrive: T86 W/OD case ID

    My friend's buddy picked up a T86 OD trans lying in the dirt at a scrap metal yard. He knew we were overhauling my gear box and paid .25 cents per pound...say $20.00.
    I think it has a Mopar case and the casting #s on it are T86F-1. The internals are actually in good shape. It's a shame the solenoid got damaged but the governor is ok.
    Does that case casting indicate a Mopar product?

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    Good find!

    According to my new Hollanders interchange manual, T86F appears to be 56-60 Ford. Pretty unusual, since Ford seemed to not make that many overdrive transmissions after going to overhead valve engines.

    Except for the input shaft and maybe the output shaft, the internals should be the same.
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      Thanks Roy, the front pattern is what threw looks like the narrow and tall Mopar pattern from the 60s. The input shaft was missing it's bearing and was kinda scored.
      The pilot shaft measures approx. .672 dia. x .765 long and the T/O collar approx. 1.35 dia. I wondered about the F on the case though.


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        As far as I know the Letters are just Borg Warner Model Numbers, they do not indicate a Car Make, more like a range of years that used that Model.
        Some Studes. are "E"'s.

        The Square Bolt pattern is the earlier year model Case for up to '57 on Studes.
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          I think I will trace the front on cardboard and measure all bolt holes, take a pic and post, This case needs to end up with someone who needs it.