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  • Engine: Possible alternative intake

    Although the early Cad manifolds are a perfect fit that can be made to fit well enough. Some head and manifold work can make it work. Here is a cool new Cad manifold that would look great on a Stude!

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    Not to put down the above post...but...

    I've done a couple of Cadillac manifold to Stude engine swaps and turned down Cadillac to Stude swaps.

    To do this correctly, a LOT needs to be done to the intake manifold. I would NEVER modify a cylinder head to work with another brand manifold. Don't this, you can't go back...without compromising the performance of the cylinder head.
    While modifying the manifold shown above would be somewhat easier than a dual plane, again, to do it correctly, cutting, welding and redrilling is required. A lot of work to do correctly, and expensive if you can't do the work yourself.

    One of the guys over on the Stude racing site has a MUCH better alternative. While not an inexpensive deal, neither the heads NORE the manifold needs to be changed or modified. They are a pair of adapter plates that enable the user to use any of the thousands of small Chevrolet intake manifolds available. This includes an older but very similar manifold to the one shown above.

    Here's a link to the plates - ... 506#p43506