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  • Rear Axle: Rear bearing grease... redirect

    Hijacking another thread here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub....he-tubes/page2

    What would it take to have the outer bearings lubricated by the diff oil, like most others and not have to repack those bearings? Pros/Cons? Why not do it?
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ

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    ....Ron - thanks for posting this. I had to scramble and look up the rear bearing lube requirements - I assumed the rear diff oil made its way out there!

    Didn’t know we had to pull the bearing shafts!


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      A re-design of the Dana Model 44 Differential would do it. Not going to happen!
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        If you don't want to pull the axle shafts, you can shoot grease into the outer wheel bearings with a needle on a zerk fitting.
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          Or drill, tap and install a zerk like I do when installing Mosier flange axels. Hole must be between the bearing and seal.


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            I do have the zerk, so it's not an issue for me...but it made me wonder why it could not be done? Pretty much ever other axle is.
            Ron Dame
            '63 Champ


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              The seal outside of the bearing is not made to hold back the differential oil. Best to just grease the bearing and enjoy the car. It really does not have to be done very often.
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                Like 52 Fan said, but use the best grease you can find!!! that crap covered wagon grease you have been saving wont cut it! inspect the bearing carefully for hard to see damage. be generous with the grease, pack a little on both sides of the bearing cavity. if you choose to drill and tap for a zerk, drill a hole top and bottom and tap for plugs. remove plugs, install zerk and pump new grease in bottom and watch for old grease coming out the top. other wise you can pump the axle tube full and cause other problems. their are spring loaded relief valves you could install in the top port,if the bearing cavity is sealed well enough. i believe in enjoying the car more rather than working on them but to each His/Her Own! Luck Doofus